They just doing that so it can't go
Wind through teeth helps him plan
Heat hazes and jets of vapour bigger than our reality
Ask what it is for the structure
For making can't Louis wake up
Precise placements of bricks
One sort of rock ground into whiter powder against another sort
I think you can help me because its too long
All the wall right up in the sky
Right up in the light
Please just try
Bridges streets walkways rivers cells squares
Great stampings in the countryside
I said don't go there
Go under there and they jump on this bit
Open this door and then they go right inside there
Inside the castle there
They open all those doors and they climb up that one
And then they can get in but it's a very long way in
Like a really big snake
Monumentally slow grinding movements of stupendous joints
Going to finish the big sculpture
Can you pass me some more please
I like my castle
Do you like that its a bridge
Slight corrections and alterations
Building the structure of your own brain
Seeing the same monstrous movement jump back to replay slowing and graving
So massive
Look at me
Titanic child

Ian Whitfield 2014